What are you afraid of?

Think about it. Why are some of you afraid of the Lions signing cornerback Adam “PacMan” Jones? Outside of him coming in and shooting up the entire dressing room, what is the worst thing that can happen?

Let’s say he starts a fight at a strip club. Cut him.

What is he drives drunk? Cut him.

What if he does any number of assorted crimes, transgressions or team violations? Then you simply say good bye to him.

It is as simple as that. There is no risk. But there sure is a lot of upside. The Lions could be getting a good cornerback and return man. They sure do need both and the deal becomes even more golden because he will come cheaply.

Is it a move of desperation? Sure is. But the Lions have won two games in two years. They are the worst football team in the NFL. They need talent, not choir boys.

I do not like what Jones has done in his past. I think the guy is a total clown. But guess what? The Lions are not filling out the roster for “Up with People.” They are trying to fill out a roster with good football players.

If you want to call signing Pacman a risk, then go ahead. What are you scared of? Do you fear the Lions go 2-14 next season? Hey, been there, done that.

Stop being afraid. Bring in some talent.

  1. Ron the Lion Heart says:

    Hey just do it!! your “D” is so weak that you need a differance maker where ever you can find it….And find some good linebackers ASAP!!!!

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