Drunk Man Goes Mouth To Mouth With An Opossum

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opossum 14 Drunk Man Goes Mouth To Mouth With An Opossum

I am not a big drinker, but I have had my share of embarrassing over served moments.  These moments may have included accidental nudity, sprained ankles, and purchases I don’t remember making.  These moments have never included giving CPR to an opossum on the side of the road.
Police in Pennsylvania recently charged a man with one count of public drunkenness for attempting to resuscitate “a flattened marsupial.”  I am sorry Donald J. Wolfe of Brookeville, but even in my drunkest loops of liquored up logic it has never occurred to me that I could resurrect road kill.  If only Donald had possum sized paddles and mini defibrillator, then maybe he could have gotten somewhere.
You win Mr. Wolf, for most random act of drunkenness.

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