With all due respect to Wayne Gretzky and Gordie Howe,I have always said that Bobby Orr was the best player in NHL history. Here is some video proof for those too young to have seen the great # 4.

  1. Jordan says:

    yeah…..sort of agreed…..but geez look at the talent level back then…..no comparison to the present NHL.

  2. Pat says:

    I am 50 so I am familiar with Orr’s talent, but in watching the video it reminds you of how bad some of the goal tending was back in the day. Granted they didn’t have equipment that covered half the net, but any shot that was below waist level was just sort of kicked at

  3. Coach_Mo says:

    Stoney, I’m a little older than you and I saw Gordie toward the end of his prime. Gordie did everything so good, so smooth and so strong that he never seemed spectacular but he got the job done and would do what the team needed. That being said, I have to agree Bobby Orr was amazing. This was a time when most defensemen stayed at home. He re-invented the game. As far as talent back then, Orr started in the Original Six area and there was more talent per team than today. The game has developed but Bobby Orr would be a superstar today.

    1. Kim says:

      Amen! First pro hockey player I really liked to watch. (I’m 55)

  4. Hogger says:

    Bobby Orr had as many points as penalty minutes. Check it out for yourselves. He was a shot blocking defenceman, as well as being known for his famous end to end rushes. He used his fists to fight, as well as to make moves on goalies to score goals. Bobby Orr was a COMPLETE hockey player at both ends of the rink. He did not need to be protected by goons like Marty McSorley or Dave Semenko to get his points. And how much defense did Gretzky play anyways??? Bobby Orr in the modern NHL would dominate Gretzky. No doubt about it.

  5. michael says:

    Super Mario hands down stoney. It can’t believe this is a question.

    1. stoney says:

      Mario??? are you kidding me?? DId he ever throw a check? Did he ever backcheck?? great offensive player, but thats it..Orr did it all just like Hogger said

  6. Barn says:

    It’s hard for me to see anyone but Gretzky as the Greatest ever. He owns all the major scoring records, and he stayed healthy most of his career, He also has four rings and he was productive on every team he played on. He may have played in the right era, but you can’t argue with the numbers. When was the last time a player broke 150pts let alone 200. He did it 9 times and topped 100 another 6 times. He was underrated defensively but had a career +/- of over +500. He’s untouchable and truly “The Great One”.

  7. R says:

    I agree Stoney; and so does Gordie Howe. I once saw an interview with Howe, he was asked the question: Who was the greatest, Wayne or himself? His reply was Bobby Orr…

  8. Ray says:

    Orr. No doubt about it. And I love Gordie and respect Gretzky.

    Bobby possessed skills that put him on another level, when the competition was stiff and confined to 6 major league teams. After the first expansion, his superior ability was just that more evident.

  9. JDH says:

    1. Gretzky (changed the game forever)
    2. Howe (the perfect blend of skill and physical toughness)
    3. Orr (greatest d-man ever)
    4. The Rocket Richard (unbelievably gifted and tough)
    5. Sawchuck (the 1st revolutionary goalie)

  10. Brad says:

    JDH, I think your list is sound, however, I believe Orr must be on top for 1 reason…+/-,
    He was + 124 in 70-71
    +86 71-72
    +84 72-73
    +80 74-75

    Gretzky’s BEST season was +81 in 81-82.

    Really though, it is an impossible argument since hockey changes SO much with the era. Still i think just as save % is a better judge of a goaltender than GAA, i think +/- is a better judge than just total points.

    Barn, you argue Wayne has +/- over 500 (518), but Orr was +597, btw Larry Robinson was +730, perhaps the “best player never mentioned”???

  11. Brad says:

    Sorry to post again, but did anyone know (i know i was shocked!), Gretzky had 7 (-) seasons, Orr zero minus seasons…

  12. Brad says:

    Games played:

    Wayne: 1497 to get to +518
    Orr: 654 to be +597

    Plus/Minus Per Game Career Leaders:

    Player +/- Per Game
    Bobby Orr .91
    Larry Robinson .53
    Mike Bossy .51 (381)
    Bobby Clarke .44
    Serge Savard .44 (460)
    Denis Potvin .43 (460)
    Mark Howe .43 (400)
    Dallas Smith .40 (355)
    Guy Lafluer .40 (453)
    Wayne Gretzky .38

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