The three-way battle for the Tigers last two starters now has a casualty.  Nate Robertson and some of his ten million dollar salary has been shipped to Florida for AA left-handed reliever Jay Voss.

I am not a huge Nate Robertson fan. His 51-69 record with a 4.92 ERA certainly was  representative of his talent or lack thereof .  Plus, he always seemed to complain about when he was taken out of the game or being relegated to the bullpen.  He also was not forthright about his injuries, which I believe led to a few more bad outings.   Robertson, like many athletes thought he was better than he actually was.  That said, he was a battler and was the only player on the team who lived here fulltime.  The summer of 2006 was highlighted by the Tigers rallying behind his chewing wads of bubble gum and blowing bubbles. Yes “Gum Time” will go down in Tigers lore as a gimmick that actually was fun.

I don’t believe the Tigers are any better by trading Robertson. I would not call this a complete salary dump, because the Tigers are going to pay a significant part of his salary.

But, the Tigers are not going to be  much worse either. I was not confident that Dontrelle Willis ,Jeremy Bonderman, or Robertson would be any good this season anyway. Do you trust Bonderman’s banged up body or Willis’ banged up psyche any more than Robertson? The answer  is no.Do you trust Robertson any more than Willis or Bonderman? The answer is a little. Still it’s not enough to make a difference on this flawed team that will probably finish no better than third anyway.


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