Valenti And Foster-Matt Millen Is Killing ESPN's Credibility

93021071 Valenti And Foster Matt Millen Is Killing ESPN's Credibility

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  • Tim

    It makes me sick to my stomach when he (Millen) starts speaking.
    I want to turn the volume down and ask the same question being ask to Millen to my 10 year old. Who in my book is more credible!
    It is not only mere fact that he was a disaster but that he gained a reputation as a lazy GM. Finally please pleas please fight in MMA I would pay to see you get smeared!

  • Roger Geilow

    Matt Millen got exposed for being a farce at his profession
    for him to discuss talent, or needs of a team is laughable
    3- High Round 1 busts (Harrington, Rogers,Williams
    all his picks traded already , He’s a joke

  • Brian

    Im glad the left this tool off of the program. Now they need to boot kiper out the door. Anybody think clausen will still be the best available if he drops to the 3rd round?

  • shipdog7

    You only get what you pay for. He will get released down the road and blame everyone else for his wrong doings. Shouldn’t there be FIRE MILLEN signs behind him on camera? Maybe he should buy an NFL team of his own so that he can tweak it into the Super Bowl and prove everyone wrong.

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