There is no doubt the Lions have improved their front office since Matt Millen was fired in the fall of 2008.

Martin Mayhew seems to know what he is doing. A perfect example was displayed on  national television this past week.

Guillermo, a member of  ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Show, was brought in for a pre-draft workout. I can guarantee, Matt Millen would have picked this guy. And after watching this guy play, thankfully Mayhew decided to pass.

  1. Brian yonkoski says:

    The Lions gotta take L.Blount here in the 7th round to compliment Best because I feel that Kevin Jones in the (worst)! His days in the NFL are soon to be over with a bum leg.

  2. Lions Fan with Stars in His Eyes says:

    you’re right. matt and joey probably wonder why we didnt get this guy as a tight end with our 3rd pick….

    oh wait, that was last year.

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