Here are some things that quite frankly I just can’t figure out. I will call this,I Don’t Get It.Red Wing fans who are pissed off at Steve Yzerman for leaving the Red Wings  to become general manager of the Tampa Bay Lightning.   I DON’T GET IT

Roger Goodell actually thinks that it is worth risking the quality of play in the Super Bowl just to have a game in the New York area.  I DON’T GET IT

Brandon Inge consistently hits below .230 and yet his fans think he is a great player that is untouchable.  I DON’T GET IT

Local television stations here actually led their newscasts with the weather being nice outside.  I DON’T GET IT

Joe Dumars looks at Rodney Stuckey as a very good NBA player. I DONT GET IT

People blindly believe and stick up for Kwame Kilpatrick.  I DON’T GET IT

  1. Manuel says:

    The biggest hurdle for an outdoor Super Bowl in the north is mental. If weather were such a problem, they wouldn’t have any outdoor games in November and December. So what if it snows or is a little cold? It might make the game more interesting. I bet the NFL is praying for snow. Who can forget the tuck game?

  2. Andy says:

    It’s the NFL, not arena football. Football is an outdoor game and was never meant to be played indoors, so why is it a problem to play the biggest one of ’em all outside? I DON”T GET IT

  3. jimmy says:

    Great stuff Stoney

  4. Caller Mike says:

    Actually saw someone on a face feed hating on Stevie. I think that it was only a matter of time that he get an opportunity. Yzerman deserves every success that he has had in his life. He had done everything asked of him in a straight forth and upright manner. For fans to be hating on him know shows how much gratitude they don’t have. Ken Holland is going to be the Wings GM for a long time and hopefully when he does leave we will be able to bring Steve Yzerman back at that time. What I have seen of his knowledge of the game and his involvement with the Canadian Olympic team I wonder if he some day won’t end up as commissioner of the NHL.

  5. mike o'neill says:

    If stevie waited fo Ken Holland to leave .It wouldn’t be untill the wings wre waaaay down.Good luck Stevie!!!!

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