81690056 The Morning Show   Bill Has Stopped Eating Meat


Bill has stopped eating meat, have you?

  1. Garry Kuneman says:

    The Best Solution for Bill McAlister! You stated on your Wednesday morning show that you are staying away from red meat because it makes you tired. You may be interested in trying locally raised, grass fed meats with no hormones or antibiotics. It is healthy meat-it is good for you and will not make you TIRED! A store will be opening about the middle of June that will sell these healthy meats at 1192 Ann Arbor Rd in Plymouth, currently we have products at the Canton & Ann Arbor Farmers Markets & make home deliveries. Also, please tell Valenti we have the best bison/buffalo in town. For more information and/or a product list, you can email garryk37@hotmail.com or call 248-231-6533. Why not put it through the taste test! It is great tasting meat that comes from healthy animals, that are humanely raised! I am an avid listener and love your program. Thank you and enjoy your holiday weekend!

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