peppers Fuel for the Mind: Can eating the right foods improve your memory?Nancy Nall Reporting

Most people — especially in auto-centric southeast Michigan — understand that different engines may need different grades of oil and gas to perform at their best. But far fewer pay the same sort of attention to the fuel that our bodies run on, at least not when it comes to performance. Now comes new medical research that suggests what we eat can ward off memory loss — perhaps even Alzheimer’s disease.

Scientists working for the pharmaceutical company Wyeth are experimenting with mice genetically engineered to develop Alzheimer’s, and have found that injections with certain proteins seem to return the animals’ cognitive abilities and remove the brain plaque associated with the disease.

However, a vaccine or similar treatment is still far off in the future. In the meantime, doctors advise eating a diet rich in omega 3 oils — oily fish, soybeans, nuts — and regular exercise. According to a recent newspaper report in the Daily Telegraph of London, populations who naturally eat a lot of fish and little saturated fat have a far lower incidence of Alzheimer’s. The disease is rare among elderly Japanese and Africans eating a traditional diet.

Other lifestyle choices can have an effect on the health of your memory. Read more here.

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