Job Web Sites For The Over 50 Set

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Pat Sweeting Reporting
Over age 50 and looking for a job? Google the words “over 50 employment,” and you’ll be presented with a number of websites.

Some I took a look at include …
AARP:  Where when you search for “find a job”, list the type of work you’re looking for and location, you may find at least a part-time job that’ll help pay the bills. I typed in the word “media” and was presented with several freelance writing opportunities along with other employment possibilities.
Other sites included “The Senior Job Bank”, “Seniors-4-Hire” and “Senior Employment Resources”.
Not all job sites list available employment in every state. But, for those in a position to re-locate, you may be just the person for whom an employer seeking the over-50 employee has been searching.
One website a friend found very helpful is Quintessential Careers. It offers the Baby-boomer job seeker a host of helpful how-to information on using your age to your advantage, resume writing for the older worker, making the best impression on hiring managers, and more.

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