Not Quite: Galarraga Loses Perfecto On Questionable Call In Ninth

522tigers 8 Not Quite: Galarraga Loses Perfecto On Questionable Call In Ninth

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Armando Galarraga of the Detroit Tigers lost his bid for a perfect game Wednesday night with two outs in the ninth inning on a disputed call at first base. Replays appeared to show Cleveland hitter Jason Donald was out.

Tigers manager Jim Leyland immediately argued the call with first base umpire Jim Joyce, and was joined by several Detroit players who surrounded the ump after the Tigers beat the Indians 3-0.

Galarraga (2-1) was in complete control throughout the night and on track for the third perfect game of the season. Then Donald’s groundball became the flashpoint of the night.

With two outs, Donald hit a bouncer that first baseman Miguel Cabrera fielded to his right. He took his time and made an accurate throw to Galarraga covering the bag.

The ball appeared to be in Galarraga’s glove just before Donald made it to first base, replays indicated. Galarraga smiled, held up his glove hand and started to make an out call with his right hand. for more

  • smackman3463

    That piece of garbage Jim Joyce should never cross the michigan border again!!

  • Calb

    That was unfortunate that the tigers didnt get the call that just goes to show that Detroit teams get no respect

  • steve in Cleveland

    Living in Cleveland. Lifelong Tiger. Disgusted.

  • tim

    major league baseball needs to give credit to galarraga for throwing a perfect game because it was obvious that he threw one tonight

  • Keith

    FIRE LEYLAND for not arguing the call. Rod & Mario defended the ump! Really? After this, I am done with baseball. I have watched the Tigers since 1971. That was wrong. The team in the early 70’s or 80’s would not have stood for this! The team is weak. Leyland has blown up for a lot less. He will “defend his players to the death” NOT. Where was THAT attitude? CAN SOMEONE IN THE ORGANIZATION MAN-UP AND SPEAK UP??!!

  • Robert John

    Before we condem a good umpire, we should hear what he based his call on. If he did in fact blow the call, the MLB has the duty to make it right and the Tigers should protest the call and game.

  • SP

    one of the worst calls I have ever seen, Galarraga deserved better. that is why instant replay is needed.

  • Steve
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