Tigers Trade Dontrelle Willis

522tigers 27 Tigers Trade Dontrelle Willis

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A sentiment ran through the Tigers’ clubhouse Tuesday night after Dontrelle Willis was traded to Arizona:
Maybe the big left-hander will really be helped by his return to the league where they don’t have the designated hitter and where the pitcher bats.
“He faces one fewer hitter, and he gets to hit — he gets to play,” said pitching coach Rick Knapp.

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  • Richard

    Dombrowski was stupid to sign Willis to a contract with one year left before seeing how he would pitch. I’ll bet that they couldn’t wait to get rid of him. They probably had to pay him the rest of his contract because no smart team would’ve taken him otherwise. Now the Tigers’ problem becomes somebody else’s problem. Hooray! I doubt if Willis will be signed by Arizona after they get a bellyfull of him this year. In fact he’ll probably be in some beer league very soon (probably on the same team with Nate Robertson).

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