Did Sarah Palin Get A Boob Job?

2010 06 09 sarahpalinbreastimplants2 Did Sarah Palin Get A Boob Job?

Fox News


Maybe it is just a trick of the eye, but it looks like the former Governor of Alaska purchased a new pair.  What do you think?

  • Scott

    no boob job, just a much better and sexier shirt. I love me some Palin.

  • Steve

    Wow, either way, nice rack in the picture on the right!

  • dan

    ya betcha

  • Rob from Rochester


  • J. Childs

    They’re real…..And they’re spectacular.

  • Pat

    Non-governor Sarah is a huge celebrity now so this just comes along with the territory. Palin groupies have long adored her for her outward beauty. Even Glenn Beck called her “one HOT grandma”…

    Sarah had averaged sized ones all during the campaign. Then in Dec. 2009 while in Hawaii they disappeared. Flatter than Piper take a look here and you be the judge:


    Then just a few days ago WA LA! they reappear at Belmont. Must be Victoria’s secret super padded wonder bra holding up those sag bags. It reminds me of that 8 month “pregnancy” photo where she padded her stomach with a square shaped pillow.

  • Brian

    Looking pretty sweet!!!
    Who has a pitcher of water???

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