609neb Report: Nebraska Could Join Big Ten As Early As Friday

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Here’s the latest Big Ten report-du-jour.
The Omaha World-Herald reports that Nebraska could become a member of the Big Ten as early as Friday. Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman isn’t talking about any conference shake-ups, but the report says he will speak with the school’s Board of Regents on Friday.

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  1. Jim Bontrager, Jr. says:

    If this happens and the Big 12 Dissolves as the have threatened to do giving 6 more teams to the Pac 10, the Big 10 should consider going all in and taking the other 5 ‘left over’ teams and Notre Dame. To even things out I would try to get maybe TCU and Cincinnati giving an even 20 teams for two ten team divisions divided North and South for playoffs North East (Michigan, Michigan State, Notre Dame, Northwestern, Illinois)South East (Ohio State, Cincinnati, Penn State, Purdue, Indiana) North West (Minnesota, Wisconsin,Missouri, Iowa, Iowa State) South West (Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, TCU, Nebraska). Setting up an easy tournament for any sport (last place in each division misses the other four play each other, for football the winner of each advances to the semi-final game and the winners play there. You would also set up a ‘Rivalry Week’ for the Big Ten network featuring Michigan/Michigan State, Illinois/Northwestern, Ohio State/Cincinnati, Purdue/Indiana, Notre Dame/Penn State, Minnesota/Wisconsin, Iowa/Iowa State, Baylor/TCU, Kansas/Kansas State, and Missouri/Nebraska. Obviously the ‘playing everybody’ thing goes out the window in football, but the Big Ten would be the Mega Conference, would have a significant tournament, gain market share for the Big Ten network and would have Dibs on some great rivalry match-ups that would get very good regional attention as well as significant national attention. If they want to make money, this should do it and still provide a great product for the fans in each area. Imagine the national attention to that football championship playoff series!

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