tayshaun Trade Speculation: Pistons, Kings Are Possible Partners

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The Sacramento Kings (fifth) are interested in trading out of their draft position.

Could that interest lead them to the Pistons and Tayshaun Prince?

The Kings need a veteran small forward, and Yahoo Sports speculates that a player such as Prince could entice them into trading the pick.

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  1. Dave says:

    Do it, just do it. We drafted his replacement last year and it be nice to have 2 draft choices in the first round this year.

  2. TJ says:

    I am a big tayshaun fan (After all he did go to Kentucky :) but it is time to rebuild. and not sure on how the salerly cap works but it wouild free up some money as well give us two high draft picks.

  3. Brandon says:

    No way they give us #5 for Tay… It’s probably Tay and #7 for #5..

    1. E-Bob says:

      Seems like a fair deal Tay for #5. If they need that peice, they get a 5 now and not wait a year, if the 5 even developes

  4. Adam Shanks says:

    Although I believe it’s a good idea to trade up, I don’t think that Cousins will be there if we only move two spots. If we don’t get him, I say we just sit on the pick.

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