Best Nickname For Brennan Boesch

517boesch Best Nickname For Brennan Boesch

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  • ray

    I have a better nickname, “the big boesch man!!” (similar to the big boss man pro wrestler of the 80s)

  • Mark

    BB Gun, Because he shoots bullets and pops caps

  • frank

    I have a nickname for Austin Jackson and Brennan Boesch.

  • doug

    bobo…simple, effective, and punchy

    • Will Chiola

      I like Bobo

  • Brian

    Big Bad because he one bad you know what!

  • JACK

    Boesch Surf Club !
    His father has confirmed he grew up in California loving to surf so why not create a “Surf Stand” in the outfield for Brennan Boesch to celebrate his California roots and his success established here in Detroit.

  • Eva Sutton

    My fiance and I started calling him “Babyface Boesch” a couple weeks ago. We have said it several times at different venues during the game and it caught on quickly. It has a certain “ring” to it when you say it out loud. I think it fits him very well!! I hope it catches on!!!!

  • Stephanie

    Brennan “The Beast” Boesch. He’s a HUGE guy, plus his offensive numbers speak for themselves. THE BEAST!

  • kenny

    How about “The Great Boeschbino”? Seems like it may be a bit of a jinx.

  • Teemante

    Bashing Boesch

  • Will Chiola

    BOPPIN Boesch (The BIg Bopper)

  • Rory

    I always refer to him as the Boesch Bomber

  • Joe from Macomb Twp

    Brennan Bash

  • tracy


    I think it’s a natural nick name

  • Tim

    Me and my buddies like Brennan “Boom” Boesch. It sound like boom box, so it has an eighties feel to it, and you could also use hanson as a them song. Instead of um-bop it could be boom boesch….haha, can’t wait for the responses to that…

  • troy m

    just Boomer

  • mike

    The Bull

  • Andy

    One of my favorite movie nicknames is “The Butcher of Bakersfield”. I know Brennan is not from Bakersfield, but he is from California, and he does beat the hell out of a baseball. Close enough for me to give him the nickname.

  • Jay

    Friend of mine came up with Boeschimus Prime! Thats good times =)

  • John Sharp

    I started the nickname of “The B.B. Gun” last month, but I also like BB Swing, and Boesch Hog.

  • Rob

    Big Boescher

  • Tony

    i like big boesch man

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