Its time for the first of many(I hope) Five things I am sick of posts.1. News on NBA Free Agency. Seriously I wish I could go in a time machine and come out July15th and find that every NBA free agent has a team. This bullcrap about meetings and sources over LeBron,Wade,Bosh, and company is just getting tedious to listen to. If I had a dollar for every “good source” article I would be a rich man.

2.People who love baseball telling me the World Cup is boring. I agree the lack of attack is a major problem, but coming from baseball people makes me really want to laugh. Hey I love baseball, but having baseball fans tell me soccer is boring is akin to Ray Charles criticizing my eyesight.

3. Soccer people who don’t like hockey.  Seriously how can someone like soccer and not like hockey. It makes no sense. What is it about hockey that some soccer people don’t like. You mean there can actually be a low scoring sport with action.

4. Lance Armstrong. He let us all know that this years Tour de France will be his last. I know he is a great American athlete who has done incredible things to battle and fight cancer, but talk about your attention whore’s. Enough is enough already.

5. People ripping Rich Rodriguez for having three guys including Demar Dorsey not being able to get academically into Michigan. There is nothing wrong with trying to get some borderline kids into Michigan or any school.  I know for a fact that Lloyd Carr, Gary Moeller,and yes even Bo Schembechler had recruits not make the academic requirements to be eligible as a freshman.  Blame RichRod all you want for a lousy record and for not understanding the culture of Michigan football. But, do not blame him for doing the same thing as previous Michigan coaches did.  Winning just 3 Big 10 games in two years is despicable, but not having guys get into school is just par for the course at a school like Michigan.


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