Supporters Ask For Release of Teen

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Family and friends of Davontae Sanford, who plead guilty to four murders in 2008, rallied outside Wayne County Circuit Court Wednesday, pleading for his release.Supporters of Sanford, 17, said he is innocent of the 2007 Runyon Street drug house murders.

The mother of Sanford, Tominko Sanford, said her son is a special education student and has never been in trouble.

“My son walked up to police and asked what was going,” Tominko Sanford said. “The police told him, ‘you know what was going on, why did you walk up to us?'”

My son was questioned without a guardian or lawyer, Tominko Sanford said.

Admitted hitman Vincent Smothers has confessed to the four murders Sanford plead guilty to.

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