Gas Prices Holding Steady For Holiday Weekend

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gas prices pump11 Gas Prices Holding Steady For Holiday Weekend

There likely won’t be any sticker shock this 4th of July weekend when it comes to gasoline prices.

Since the first of the year, prices have stayed within a 20 to 30 cent range, with no huge spikes.

“It hasn’t changed much more than five or six cents a gallon in terms of cost, so hopefully it will stay that steady and we won’t see an increase this weekend,” said Mark Griffin of the Michigan Petroleum Association.

“It’s better that we have high inventory and strong supply with manageable demand, that’s kind of where we are right now. The better it is for us as dealers and retailers and better for the consumer,” Griffen said.

Two years ago, prices were well over $3 a gallon for the holiday weekend.

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