Tanning Tax Bad For Business

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tanning woman in bed Tanning Tax Bad For BusinessThe 10 percent tax on tanning took effect Thursday and local salon owners are not happy. Nicole Kendzorek, owner of Endless Summer Tanning in Wixom, has been hearing from her customers who think the tax is ridiculous.

“They think that they should’ve left it at the plastic surgeries or the botox, where other people spend out for personal needs. They spend a lot more money than they do at tanning,” said Kendzorek

Kendzorek says a lot of her customers are telling her that they won’t be coming back because they can’t afford the prices. And she says, this is going to close a lot of tanning salons.

“We don’t charge that much to begin with. We are the low dogs, we’re small businesses and we’re just trying to make our living. And the tax is going to kill us,” said Kendzorek.

Kendzorek says she helps support her family through the two salons she owns, and if she had to close them, she and her family would be devastated.

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