702bly Pat Caputo: Can The Detroit Lions Afford Dre' Bly Being Dre' Bly?

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Last season, while playing for the San Francisco 49ers, cornerback Dré Bly intercepted a pass from Atlanta quarterback Matt Ryan.

As he ran down the field, with seemingly nothing between him but field turf and the end zone, Bly put his left hand on the back of his head, and held the ball upward with his right hand, ala Deion Sanders.

But instead of reaching the end zone, Bly was stopped dozens of yards short when he was caught from behind and stripped of the ball.

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  1. Jason Hollis says:

    Yes the lions can live with him. Remember he was the catalyst for the Lions changing things around this time. remember him saying fix it or trade me? This is the kind of accountibility the team has sorely lacked. When you play bad you played bad own up to it and do better next time. Remember we had Rod Marenilli talking about we’re just gonna pound it and coach these guys up? The lions problem has rarely been talent as you can see players leave here and go on to play for the best teams in the league. The problem for the lions has been player effort. The players seem to know when you come to Detroit you don’t have to play hard just beat out the next guy on the depth chart so you can keep getting your check!

    1. JT says:

      “The lions problem has rarely been talent as you can see players leave here and go on to play for the best teams in the league.”

      Seriously? Aside from Bly, Shawn Rogers, and possibly Ernie Simms (though we don’t know for sure yet because he hasn’t played in and Eagle’s uniform), over the past 10 years which talented players are you talking about? Kevin Jone’s one year start for the Bears? Or maybe you’re talking about the star studded Roy Williams who’s tearing it up in Dallas…oh wait, didn’t they just draft a receiver #1 overall and resign Miles Austin who was their most productive receiver last year? Guess that’s what happens when you can’t catch a ball or get open…sure is good at complaining though. Maybe you’re talking about all our defensive studs like Boss Baily, Kalimba Edwards, or any of our 1st or 2nd round busts, I mean, picks since 2001….Andre Goodman maybe? :)

      No, the truth is it’s been a mix of a lack of coaching, effort, but MOST of all talent! Aside from the very few players who actually start on other teams, all the players that have started on the Lions and aren’t here anymore are either 2nd and 3rd stringers, or out of the league because they simply lack enough talent to play at an NFL level.

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