tom lewand Lions' Tom Lewand Gets Probation After Plea Deal

Getty Images

Detroit Lions president Tom Lewand pleaded guilty today to a reduced charge of operating a vehicle while visibly impaired in connection with a June 25 incident near Houghton Lake in which he was arrested for operating while under the influence of liquor.
After a brief conference with Judge Daniel L. Sutton and Roscommon County Prosecutor Mark Jernigan in 83rd District Court, Lewand’s attorney, Todd Flood, told the judge Lewand wished to stand mute on the charges and had reached a plea agreement with the prosecutor. Jernigan said the agreement included dismissing a charge of refusing to take a PBT (breath test). for more

  1. DetroitSteve says:

    Business as usual.

  2. "OldSchool" says:

    This is the type of pitiful “leadership” that’s plagued this organization over the last 50 years or so.

    Sad. Very sad!

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