uaw color New Campaign To Focus On Job CreationUnited Auto Workers president Bob King and Rainbow Push Coalition founder Rev. Jesse Jackson are kicking off a new campaign in Detroit that will focus on job creation, manufacturing, workers’ rights and peace.

King and Jackson, along with Congressman John Conyers and Lansing Mayor and candidate for Governor Virg Bernero are expected to announce details Monday of the Jobs, Justice and Peace initiative and take part in a march next month in Detroit.

The campaign will call on national leaders to do three things:

–rebuild America by enacting industrial and trade policies that will create jobs, encourage manufacturing in America and put workers first.

–enforce the law regarding workers’ rights, civil rights, industrial regulation and creation of fair and just educational, economic, and health policies.

–end the ongoing wars in the Middle East and redirect the war budget to rebuilding America.

The campaign also will focus on home foreclosures.

“The number one focus of our national leaders should be putting Americans back to work. No group has suffered more from America’s economic meltdown than working men and women. We need industrial and trade policies that work to keep jobs and manufacturing in the U.S.,” said Bob King in a statement.

The August 28th march will commemorate one led in Detroit in 1963 by the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

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