kwame kilpatrick booking photo oct 08 Former Detroit Mayor Kilpatrick Heading Back To CourtFormer Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was escorted from the state prison in Manistee last night for an appearance today in Federal Court.

Kilpatrick faces 19 counts of fraud and tax evasion, as part of a probe into the so-called “Kilpatrick Civic Fund.”

During his appearance in court today, Kilpatrick will be asked if he can afford a lawyer. If not, one will be appointed for him. The judge could keep James Thomas on the job at the public’s expense.

Kilpatrick is charged with tapping his charity for cash and personal luxuries while he was mayor and not reporting it on his tax returns.

Kilpatrick is currently serving time for violating probation in a different criminal case. He could go into federal custody while he awaits trial.

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  1. chuck says:

    i think this guy is trouble and he problably is behind the green case . his life is falling apart . it because he lies so much that he cant remember what he lied about . i think we will find out alot more about mr.kilpatrick and his family and friends

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