State Democrats apparently have a lot of work to do if they’re going to motivate voters to go to the polls this November.  The latest poll shows 42 percent of Michigan’s Democrat voters so far are undecided in the race for governor.

Pollster Bernie Porn told WWJ’s Lansing Bureau Chief Tim Skubick that Michigan Republicans are more geeked about this election than Democrats.  Only 12 percent of Republicans are undecided.

Porn agreed that there are segments of the voting population that are tuned in.

“They are Republicans, and that’s why it’s going to be in all likelihood, a very difficult year for Democrats,” Porn said.  “Not only at the national scene, but especially here in Michigan.”

Porn said the Tea Partiers in particular are ready to vote in the August primary, but for Democrats, that’s another story.

Porn said that because of the condition of their lives, high unemployment in Michigan, high home foreclosure, and low income, Democrats “probably see a certain level of hopelessness in terms of whether or not their vote is going to matter.”

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