text while driving istock Distracted Driving Crackdown In TroyThe city of Troy is taking a tougher stand on distracted driving.

The Oakland Press reports city council members this week approved an ordinance prohibits drivers from “eating, writing, performing personal hygiene/grooming, physical interaction with pets, passengers or unsecured cargo, any of which is done in a manner than prohibits the driver from maintaining direct physical control of the motor vehicle steering mechanism with at least one hand that is free of all other objects and used entirely to form a controlled grip on the steering mechanism.”

The new ordinance also restricts holding a phone while speaking into or listening to it.

City officials say the new ordinance was put in to place to clarify the state’s new texting while driving ban.

“I’m all in favor of it,” one WWJ listener commented. “Too many distracted drivers out there, too many people running red lights.”

Another person said “I think it’s the greatest thing ever and every city should have that law.”

The new ordinance goes into effect July 29th.

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  1. Troy Driver says:

    I can’t believe this part: “The new ordinance also restricts holding a phone while speaking into or listening to it.” People have been doing this for at least 10+ years – it’s now a part of life to make a call from the road sometimes. C’mon. Must be bluetooth lobbyists?

  2. Susan Brown says:

    It’s about time! Let’s all just pay attention to our driving.

  3. fisheyedfool says:

    That is ridiculous! How can the Troy Police enforce this law when they are the worst offenders? I saw a Troy cop driving in his cruiser while talking on his cell phone and eating a bowl of cereal! This while driving on Big Beaver during rush hour. Unbelievable! I think I will make a complaint. It’s time the Police stop acting as though they are above the law. What’s next that these Troy cops will try to get away with? Selling drugs? Robbery? Extortion? Police your own first!

  4. fisheyedfool says:

    The Troy Police are so hypocritical! How can they enforce this ordinance when they are the worst offenders? I saw a Troy cop driving his cruiser on Big Beaver while talking on a cell phone and eating a bowl of cereal at the same time! During rush hour!
    It’s time the city of Troy crack down on these rogue cops who think they are above the law.What’s next, ignore cops who sell drugs and extort money? Clean out your closet, Troy!

  5. Jimbo says:

    It’s about time someone did something!! About every other week someone crosses over into my lane and ALWAYS they are talking or texting. Congratulations to Troy, it would be nice if the rest of the State got onboard !!!!!

  6. Anti-Control says:

    Unbelievable as to how much control our FREE country is exhibiting on us since Obama (socialism). Now control us outside too? How about impeding traffic tickets for the gawkers! There is an easy revenue stream instead of the illegal search and seizure texting law and now no interactions with anyone in the vehicle? How about the police I see answer their call (a violation). They must be going to pull over and then pick it up right? Do as we say and not as we do….who are the real criminals??????

  7. Troy Driver #2 says:

    I have to laugh. The City of Troy claims they are supposedly “clarifying” the State Law however, what they are actually trying to do is make it more restrictive. Such an Ordinance is invalid and unenforceable. I hope the ACLU sues them over this.

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