health men Study Looks At Testosterone ReplacementDoes declining testosterone level impact a man’s physical health and will testosterone therapy help? Those are questions researchers at twelve sites around the country are trying to answer. It’s suspected that low testosterone levels which occur with aging may — in some men — impact mobility, sexual function, mental health, heart, muscle mass and anemia.
In a study of 800 men aged 65 and older with low serum testosterone levels, participants are divided into two groups. One group receives a testosterone gel which is applied to the abdomen, torso and upper arms. The second group receives a placebo. The study participants are periodically tested in the areas of cognition, physical function and vitality, sexual function and heart disease.
The study is headed by the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine and is funded by various agencies including the National Institute on Aging.
For more information on the study, click on and

  1. don shoults says:

    What about the side effects of breast or prostrate cancer from the use of androgel ?.

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