strippers Valenti And Foster   Can You Have A Bachelor Party Without Strippers?

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Do you really need strippers for a bachelor party?  

  1. Elle says:

    Just sayin…I think a “MAN” that feels he “NEEDS” to have the stripper thing for a bachelor party needs to GROW UP. Just my personal opinion but it seems quite cheap and severely immature. I would not want to marry someone who just (possibly) touched or was touched my someone of this low standard, one that would lower and degrade herself to such a level. This was not God’s intention, to my knowledge, and I feel people need to get a grip on the idea of marriage. One is not to lust after another other than the individual he/she is married to. People change this to suit their own weak ideas of what is right and make excuses for such behavior. It’s sad that it’s “accepted” and/or a “tradition” to act like a complete pig the very night before he gets married. It has nothing to do with insecurity or non trust just for you that will respond with that…it’s a matter of moral worth and respect for the one you choose to spend the rest of your life with and I think people need to take it much more seriously.

  2. joe from macomb township says:

    no you don’t need stippers for a bachelor party couple my friends had them and we this went to greektown and hungout for the night without soending money on a hooker / stripper

  3. Cleetus Van Damme says:


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