The Michigan Department of Human Services announced Monday that Food Assistance benefits will be renewed for many people, even if their unemployment extension is cut.

Only 27% of those who receive unemployment benefits are also receiving Food Assistance, according to Edward Woods with the MDHS.

“The bigger issue really is the 73 percent or so that have not applied for Food Assistance, or may not be receiving Food Assistance, maybe because they do not know that they qualify or not,” said Woods.

For those receiving Food Assistance, the renewal will be automatic.

“Our computers interface with unemployment, so they’ll notice the reduction of income,” said Woods. “And if they qualify for increase in Food Assistance benefits, it will be automatically done for them.”

Woods added that The Center for Civil Justice suggests those eligible for an increase in Food Assistance should notify their case worker, as a back up.

 To find out if you are eligible for Food Assistance benefits, or to check whether your benefits have been renewed, click here.

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