bedbugs1 Bed Bugs Link BuzzingThe state health department has been swamped with people who are bugged by bed bugs.

James McCurtis with the Michigan Department of Community Health says over 600 people logged onto the website after the bed bugs’ link went up last week, compared to just 35 two weeks before.

“To us that’s a good thing because when we put this report out to let people know about bed bugs, it piqued their knowledge, it piqued their awareness. And they wanted to learn more about it. And that’s a good thing,” said McCurtis.

“Learn about prevention and what to do and how to protect yourselves and what things to look for so that you can call a pest control professional if you think you have them, so they can get rid of them for you.”

 And that’s the top question people have: how to get rid of the pesky insect.

To see the bed bugs site, click here.


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