Walloon Lake-based Gas Technologies LLC is searching for up to 10 global repersentatives.

The deal, which will end Aug. 20, for what Gas Techno is calling its “plant, training and support package,” includes the following:

* A complete enclosed trailer mounted GasTechno methanol plant designed for demonstration purposes to your customers, and end buyers of methanol. This plant will contain all the basic features needed to demonstrate the low cost methane-to-methanol process for further scaling the technology commercially.  It would be similar to the design shown at www.youtube.com/watch?v=98xv8ZGGsfA.
* Use of the GasTechno trademark and copyright materials
* Know-how and various designs for further site selection
* Training in the technology, chemical engineering and financial models
* Limited exclusive territorial rights based upon geography and product distribution
* Access to all engineering, design and fabrication services
* Personnel training for operating these modular plants in the field
* Packaged sales and marketing materials
* Ongoing technical and support services

This opportunity is being made specifically available to engineering firms, environmental groups, fuel distributors and natural gas or biogas producers seeking an alternative business to generate substantial money turning stranded or low cost methane into fuels and chemicals.

During the past few months there has been an increase in e-mails from companies looking for alternative alcohol fuels technologies such as ethanol and methanol made from biomass, algae, natural gas, etc. 

The interest really picked up in May when energy blogger Robert Rapier wrote a story on methanol vs. ethanol and referenced Gas Techno’s technology.


These alternative alcohol fuels are receiving substantial government support.  For example, China is a major supporter of methanol based fuels now promoting M30 where 30 percent methanol is blended with 70 percent gasoline.  In December, 2010 they approved M85 to be used in flex-fuel vehicles. 

In the United States, ethanol is being integrated into the gasoline supply chain with mandates for up to E15 (15 percent blended in gasoline) while some pumps are offering E85 for flex-fuel vehicles. 

Mixed alcohols are also receiving attention as higher quality fuels. One piece of legislation that would mandate automobile manufacturers to spend about $200 per car to make 50 percent of them flex-fuel is the Open Fuel Standards Act (S. 835 in the Senate, H.R. 1476 in the House) and would then give consumers a choice to use methanol, ethanol or mixed alcohols.

The cost to purchase the representative package will be $300,000. 

The company said there will be no exceptions to extend this package price beyond Aug. 20. We are not financing anyone so please do not apply if you are not liquid or seriously capable to perform.

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, and the screening process for these representatives will be thorough due to the intellectual property issues involving the technology.

Gas Techno CEO Walter Breidenstein said the goal is to get these plants in the field for testing, demonstration and evaluation with serious representatives who have customers looking for small scale methane-to-methanol solutions. 

For more information, contact Breidenstein at walterb@gastechno.com or call (231) 535-2914.

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