Some people are saying J-Woww from MTV’s Jersey Shore is hot in these photos, what do you think?

***All photos from Maxim

  1. Richard says:

    She certainly isn’t anything special; just an average looking broad that happens, whether naturally or via enhancement, to have a sizable rack.

  2. Jim says:

    NOT HOT!!!! Give me a break…Send her packing back to the Jersey Shore…..Enough of this reality crap….Make-up, lighting and all that fake stuff can make anyone look like that……

  3. james says:

    Both these canoes under me have no clue. J-Wow is a hot chick. Neither of them could ever hope to get with a broad that looks like her. Give her some credit, she is an 8

  4. Mike says:

    If your on roadie (meaning on a road trip for a sport)…….FOR SURE!! The old saying goes, A 2 is always a 10 on the road

  5. Gary says:

    Why doesn’t she have a belly button, was she made in a petri dish?

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