police crime scene tape3 South Lyon Woman Dies After Killing DaughterA southeastern Michigan woman who police say killed her disabled, 13-year-old daughter with an overdose of prescription drugs has died from her own drug overdose.

Officials said Donna Carlson, 52, is believed to have killed her disabled 13-year-old daughter, Grace, with an overdose of prescription drugs, then overdosed herself.  Both were found over the weekend by a home health aide.

“Our belief based on findings thus far is that the mother gave the daughter an intentional overdose of prescription drugs, which did result in the daughter’s death, and then the mother herself took an overdose of prescription drugs,” said South Lyon Police Department Lt. Steve Sharpe.

“I’ve been employed here a great many years and I don’t recall a similar situation here ever,” Sharpe said.

Carlson had been unconscious and on a ventilator since she was found with her daughter, Grace, Saturday at their home about 30 miles west of Detroit.

Investigators have said several bottles of prescription drugs used to treat depression, panic attacks and mood swings were found in the home.

Police have said Grace was mentally and physically handicapped. They said she had become assaultive twice in recent months, breaking her mothers nose at least once.

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