detroit finney high school DPS Plans Brick Preservation ProgramThe Detroit Public Schools district plans to sell bricks from some old school buildings that are being demolished to help raise money for programs at the cash-strapped city schools.

The district announced Thursday that bricks from Cass Technical, Finney, Mackenzie, Mumford and Chadsey high schools will be preserved and restored in conjunction with the Public Schools Foundation.

“We think this is an important program to honor the legacy and history of these schools, while also acknowledging that students deserve facilities that support 21st century learning and aiding schools by providing needed funding for supplemental programs,” said Chacona Johnson, President and CEO of the DPS Foundation, in a statement. “We hope the alumni and the dedicated faculty and staff who taught and provided services in these buildings will participate in this fundraising effort.”

The auction of other items being salvaged also is being planned.

The foundation plans to hire a business to package the bricks for fundraising. Money raised from the sale of bricks will go to the foundation and will be used to benefit programs in individual schools.

The district says parts of Cass Tech including two entry arches also will be preserved.

For more information or to learn about the brick preservation program, contact the DPS Foundation at (313) 873-3348 or email

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