Closing Arguments In Mich. Death Penalty Trial

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oreilly timothy e1280772461968 Closing Arguments In Mich. Death Penalty Trial

Timothy O'Reilly (AP Photo/U.S. Marshal's Office)

Jurors in Detroit have heard closing arguments in a federal trial that could lead to a death sentence for a man accused of killing an armored-truck courier.

After a two-week trial, prosecutor Mark Chasteen reminded jurors on Monday that they heard Timothy O’Reilly brag about the killing during a secretly recorded conversation.

But O’Reilly’s lawyer told the jury that another man fatally shot Norman Stephens during a middle-of-the-night robbery at Dearborn Federal Credit Union in 2001.

The defense says the 37-year-old O’Reilly was living in Camarillo, Calif., when he came under the spell of co-defendant Norman Duncan, a Detroit native who encouraged him to move to Michigan.

O’Reilly could be sentenced to death under federal law if convicted of killing Stephens.
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