The candidates for governor are stepping up their campaigning with the primary election Tuesday, but many voters say they’re turned off by the negative campaign ads they’ve been seeing or hearing.

“It’s campaign overload and the negative ones really serve no purpose,” Detroiter Quincy Lewis said.

Lewis said he believes the only way he can make an informed choice is by doing research on the Internet.  He also said he’s less likely to vote for a candidate whose campaign is negative.

“What I’m finding and seeing is that they’re really not focusing on the issues at hand,” he said.

Others told WWJ Newsradio 950 that negative campaigning does not inform and doesn’t focus on what the candidate can do to make life better.

Kathy Tavoularis, of Grosse Pointe Farms said she’s less likely to vote for a candidate with negative political ads.

“I don’t think they’re telling you what they can do, they’re just knocking someone else down,” Tavoularis said.

“I like the people who try to tell you what they’re going to do,” she said.

“I’m so cynical right now… I think both sides have gone way beyond what’s necessary to try to get anything done,” Tavoularis said.

Michigan’s primary election is Tuesday and polls are showing that less than one-fourth of registered voters are expected to vote.

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