Cornerstone Schools will host the 5th Annual “Be A Tiger For Kids” day at Comerica Park on Tuesday, August 24th. Clark Durant, founder of Cornerstone Schools, says everybody who comes down that day gets to take part in a “Rock ‘n’ Roar” party outside Comerica Park.

According to Durant, this is a huge fundraiser for the school. “If we can bring in 400 thousand dollars, which is a big number, there are a couple of foundations that have pledged to contribute another 100 thousand dollars to the school’s scholarship fund,” Durant said.

He says that money will be used to help kids enroll and stay enrolled at the Cornerstone Schools.

Durant says Cornerstone is pround that 95 per cent of its students graduate in a city with the lowest high school graduation rate in the country. And 90 per cent go on to college.

The school charges a tuition of 35 hundred dollars a year. Durant says most of their families can not afford that. But he says all families are required to pay something, even if it’s only 50 dollars a month. And this event makes sure that all students can attend Cornerstone, regardless of their family’s financial situation.

For more information on “Be A Tiger For Kids,” click here.


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