Former Detroit Councilwoman Monica Conyers wants to stay out of federal prison until a decision is made on her appeal.

Conyers already won a delay until Sept. 10 to help a family member with medical needs. Her lawyer asked a U.S. district judge Thursday to further postpone the 37-month sentence while an appeal is pending.

Prosecutors have until Aug. 12 to respond.

Conyers faces prison for corruption during her time at Detroit City Hall. Her appeal centers on Judge Avern Cohn’s refusal to allow her to withdraw her guilty plea on the day she was sentenced.

It’s unknown when the appeals court in Cincinnati will hear her case.

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  1. James Thomas says:

    This is a &(*&^ Shame, Conyers should be in jail at this time. If it was anyone else they would be in jail awaiting appeal. What ever happen to consistency in punishment for the crime.

  2. Gerry Flood says:

    I wish my ‘Daddie’ was an 80 year old congressman!!

  3. Sandy Kish says:

    I can not believe she would appeal after she plead guilty, what’s wrong she didn’t like the verdict? She should have thought about that before she took bribes!

  4. Jimbo says:

    It’s the same old S*%t !!! If you do the crime do the time !!!!!

    It would sure be nice if we could all get delays for things we didn’t like doing. And I’m very very sure she was of great assistance in helping her sick friend during her last delay. Lets get serious in this City, State and Country and start putting criminals behind bars for the crimes they have committed and in this case confessed to !!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Dewey Duke says:

    She plead guilty. Send a message to the judge, send her to jail now.she used her office and tax payers money.enough is enough.also send every one she snitched on to jail. I wonder who is next. I wonder who will get the big city contracts now????????

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