animal hoarding Animals From Redford Home To Be Adopted

A dozen of the over 50 animals found in a home in Redford will soon be up for adoption after they were taken in Thursday by a local animal rescue group.

Donna Law with the Mutts and Mutts Rescue Group says the 12 dogs, six of which are puppies, were in pretty good condition when they came in.

“Their toe nails were a little long, but they weren’t skinny. They were fed well. They’re just a little scared and petrified. And then overall they have to go through each physical with my vet out here at Angel Animal Hospital who is our rescue vet,” said Law.

And Law says with so many animals on their hands, they could use some help.

“We are looking for puppy food, paper towels, blankets, sheets, rugs…. And if anyone wants to make a monetary donation for the vet care for the animals they can leave a donation check at clinic and they will put it on their bill,” said Law.

The Angel Animal Hospital is located at 24307 Halsted off of Grand River in Halsted. They are taking applications and donations.

The rest of the over 50 animals, cats, dogs, and rabbits, are at the Taylor Animal Shelter. Many of them had to be euthanized because of the terrible condition they were in.

The dozens of animals were found at a home on Sioux Street near 96 Wednesday afternoon.

Police Lt. Eric Gillman says after they got a call from a neighbor about the possible hoarding, they talked with the homeowner at the house.

“Once we were able to speak with her at the location, it was obvious to officer from the smell and obviously from the several animals and dogs we could hear barking that there was probably a problem going on,” said Gillman.

And the problem was a lot bigger than they expected.

“Thirty-six dogs at this point as far as we can tell we’ve been able to bring out of the house. We took out somewhere between 10 and 12 cats. And then there’s also some more felines that are in there that are loose that we haven’t been able to capture,” said Gillman.

“The garage was also in the same conditions. It housed between 5 and 7 rabbits. There was one cage that had a dead rabbit in it.”

And he says, the house was in terrible condition with feces and urine everywhere.

The two woman who were living in the home, one in her 60’s, and her daughter who is in her 40’s, were taken to a local hospital for medical evaluation.

From her side of the fence, next door neighbor Diane Adamski showed WWJ’s Ron Dewey the back yard of the house. The grass is knee high, the deck, the garage the rest of the property neglected.

“I never called them in, because I knew them for years and they were nice to me. But apparently people had been complaining about the odor for years,” she said.

Adamski says she knew they had more than three dogs allowed under local ordinance…but never thought there were more than three dozen.

“That house is smaller than my house and I couldn’t imagine having more than 30 dogs,” Adamski said. “And they were not little bitty things.”

Adamski says you couldn’t walk by the house with the odor but never called in her neighbors being they were nice to her. She tells WWJ they thought they were doing the right thing bringing in animals they thought would otherwise be killed.

  1. Mrs Kurtis says:

    i live down the street and like Mrs. Adamski, I never thought to call them in. I felt sorry for them; the daughter is VERY sick, serious health problems. calling them in was the right thing. Hopefully they will get the mental health care they need.

    Bravo to ever did call them in; not only did you do the community a favor; you are providing them the opportunity to get the help they need. Hopefully they will recover and go on with their lives.

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