Oil Leak From Wrecked Ship In Lake Huron Plugged

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The U.S. Coast Guard says oil recently found leaking from the wreck of a freighter that sank in Lake Huron in 1966 has been stopped.

The Coast Guard says it discovered an oil sheen late last month coming from the wreck of the Nordmeer. The Coast Guard and Houston-based salvage and emergency response company T&T Bisso sealed the source of the leak Friday.

Divers from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration found the leak producing a peanut-sized drop of oil every five seconds. The Coast Guard says the leak followed years of deterioration and damage to the wreck from storms.

The Coast Guard says no other leaks are expected, but it will monitor the wreck located in Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

 Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary: http://thunderbay.noaa.gov
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