belle isle bridge Belle Isle Shooting Over Parking SpaceOne person is in critical condition after a shooting on Belle Isle… over a parking space.

Detroit Police Sgt. Erin Stephens tells WWJ, a man was trying to park his car when a group standing nearby wouldn’t let him park. They jumped the guy, not knowing he had a gun.

It happened at or near a family reunion and picnic on Belle Isle.

According to Detroit Police there was some dispute over a parking space.  Lorna Cooks said it involved her husband and a woman who was not the shooting victim.

Cooks went on to say that the woman then went to “bust” her husband, who stood up out of his chair and was about to “bust” her back when a bunch of males from the nearby family reunion got involved and her husband’s gun went off.

According to reports, Cooks went on to tell Channel 7 Action News it was her niece who was a nearby innocent bystander who was struck by the flying bullet.  She is reported to be around 28 to 33-years-old.

“Other people were trying to break the fight up and my niece was also trying to break it up and she ended up a little ways away, and then next thing I know a shot went off and she got shot,” Cooks said.

Police have arrested Cook’s husband for the shooting and found the weapon that was used.

The last report had the victim in critical condition, but police did expect her to survive.

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  1. Stan says:

    I just decided I’m never going to Belle Isle, ever. You Detroiters can have it.

  2. jorge says:

    a parking spot are you serious??? well i guess so, now i think about it. didnt someone just get shot because of the way he looked at someone! which lead to someone else geting shot?

  3. Katherine says:

    Ya know, just when I’d finally managed to forget the incident there where a mob incited a woman to jump to her death from the bridge, and thought “okay, maybe I should take the kids to the museum there sometime”. Now this. Really a damn shame. No wonder the museum there struggles, and Dennis Archer didn’t want to to grow old trying to change the culture of violence and apathy there.

  4. Charise says:

    I have to make things clear so that the media as well as our community won’t continue to be misled by hear-say. I am the individual who sponsored this family picnic. It has affected me profoundly. The entertainment for the children had arrived and the owner was standing in a parking space waiting on her daughter to get by another car to park in the space. That’s when Mr. Cooks sped around her truck and hit the character with his car.I asked that he not park there but he continued to pull his car forward and hit her hard this time. I personally resolved that issue while she waited on the police to come. Then Mr. Cooks made his way walking towards the picnic area where his in-laws were sitting starting another confrontation with another family member whom was only 17. The mother of the young man asked that if he had a problem with her son to let her know because regardless to size hes still a kid. Looking as if Mr. Cooks was High or dazed he swung on her son and hit her in the the head with a closed fist. THAT’S WHEN THE FIGHT BROKE OUT. We as a family was in the middle of stopping the fight when in the middle of a large huddle Mr. Cooks pulled his gun and shot his own niece int the stomach. Trust that this picnic was above and beyond beautiful the whole day. My parents renewed their vows of 34 years in front of hundreds to show a sign of togetherness, unity, faith, and love. And for it to end with my cousin being shot because a man couldn’t find it within himself to be courteous to a clown for a parking space and then assault another family member killed my spirit. This man married into our family and tried to bring his ignorance with him. WE DON’T ALLOW THAT! So be rest assured this was not an attempt to degrade our city. Just another display of the ignorance of one person who came into the wrong family with the wrong bs!

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