Review Math Skills Before School Begins

As summer comes to a close, it is a good time to take stock of where your child is in mathematics and what goals you want to tell his or her teacher for next year.

For younger students, this might mean reviewing some of the big concepts from last year (addition, fractions) and making sure that your child can still do them after the summer months.

For older students, you may want to review what classes he or she is eligible for next year, and whether your child is on track to meet the Michigan Merit Curriculum’s goals – four years of math credit, including Algebra II or an alternative career class that incorporates math.

For more information visit the Michigan Department of Education – Mathematics.

  • Katherine Roberts

    I could not agree more, my kids spent most of their time this summer at summer camps and did very little study work.

    I was beginning to panic about what would happen once they get back to school especially with math getting tougher with each passing grade. I then subscribed to this new online math program offered by TenMarks – and that seems to be working well. My kids spend a few minutes everyday reviewing core concepts and refreshing what was taught in class.

    I think its simply brilliant.


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