Jackson-based EverLast Induction Lighting said Wednesday that the city of Utica, N.Y. has replaced 100 150-watt metal halide fixtures with 70-watt EverLast light emitting diode-based walkway light fixtures.

The fixtures were installed in the city’s Scenic and Historic Preservation District. The fixtures were purchased with an Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant funded by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, better known as the federal stimulus.

“In addition to aesthetics, the city chose EverLast Induction Lighting over all other brands and technologies because of the energy savings, U.S. components, 10-year warranty, and quality of light they produce,” said Michele Nizzi, energy advisor for Eastern Energy Solutions Inc., the company that sold the new fixtures. “I was an LED representative for two years and no other lighting product or technology can compare to EverLast. EverLast Induction Lighting is by far the most innovative and energy-efficient lighting solution on the market.”

EverLast Induction Type III and Type V Acorn Walkway Fixtures are a cost-effective retrofit for existing pole-mounted globe or acorn fixtures. In addition to the integration of the best quality and most efficient lamp system, the fixtures come with a water-clear, non-yellowing acrylic lens for superior optics. EverLast Induction Acorn light fixtures reduce energy costs by 50 to 70 percent and virtually eliminate maintenance costs by utilizing an induction lamp that is rated for 100,000 hours.

Nizzi said the total kilowatt-hour savings is 54 percent, which will result in approximately $5,049 saved annually simply by switching to EverLast fixtures.

Said Nizzi: “The city and surrounding businesses are pleased by the color and quality of light produced by the new fixtures. The light distribution is greater and whiter than the previous metal halide fixtures.”

The city of Utica was founded in 1832 and is located in a region known as the Mohawk Valley in Central New York.

EverLast Induction Lighting is a subsidiary of Full Spectrum Solutions Inc. and has quickly grown into the leading manufacturer of energy-efficient lighting solutions for roadway, parking structure, facility and area lighting applications. Notable EverLast Lighting clients include: NASA, University of California, Fort Drum Army Base, Harley Davidson, and Yuengling Brewery.

For more information, visit www.everlastlight.com, call (888) 383-7578, or e-mail info@everlastlight.com.

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