tebow Valenti And Foster   Are You Rooting For Tim Tebow To Succeed?

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Is Tebow good for the NFL?

  1. derrick bagwell says:

    thank god orton is having a good camp so there isn’t so much pressure to start tebow. having been a life long bronco fan i was horrified when they drafted tebow, i can’t stand the sob. that being said, now that they have him, if his work ethic is as good as they say he might have a chance to be good, his tools make him interesting. hopefully mcdanials doesn’t drink to much kool-aid, does he really know what hes doing!!?

  2. Mac says:

    No. I dont think so.
    Dont we have religion from people like Tebow shoved in our face just a WAY too much in this country any more?
    The thing that bothers me is the arrogance that people in sports have in that they thank god for everything they do …like god didnt have more important things to do with his time than make sure that Tim Tebow or some other sports guy succeeds?
    If Tebow does well , does that mean God didnt like the guy on the other team who didnt knock down the pass Tebow threw? And if Tebow doesnt succeed … does it mean God doesnt like tim tebow any more? I think not
    Just play the game and let the best players and teams win and leave god out of it

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