arts beats and eats concerts4 Firearms At Festival VoteA vote tonight at the Royal Oak City Commission meeting could pave the way for gun rights advocates who want to ‘pack heat’ at next month’s Arts, Beats and Eats Festival.

The city’s attorney is recommending that organizers lift the handgun ban, saying the ban is unconstitutional. Opponents say huge crowds, alcohol, families, and firearms — is a potentially dangerous mix.

The festival takes place throughout downtown Royal Oak over the four-day Labor Day weekend.

  1. Jim says:

    I think the sponsors (especially Ford) should remove their sponsorship if handguns are allowed at the event. Otherwise it goes to show that these sponsors endorse the decision to carry handguns at this event !

  2. Ray says:

    Nice imflammatory language from the writer about ‘packing heat’. So much for journalistic neutrality. Don’t forget that the criminals target large crowds like this, esp. when they know there is a ban in effect and knowing their victims can’t fight back. We just want to be able to defend ourselves from attack when needed and not have a city put a huge target on everyone’s chest for criminals.
    To the Royal Oak City Commission – please lift the ban and give back to the citizens the ability to defend ourselves. The police can’t physically be everywhere to protect everyone. There is also case law that states that they do not have the obligation to protect individuals. If not them, then let me – please.

  3. Brian Geissler says:

    If guns are allowed I will not attend and I hope many others will boycott this event as well.

  4. elmer says:

    Arts, Beats and Heats

  5. Ray says:

    8 hours later and my reply is still awaiting moderation. Nice way to hold comments which do not agree with your writers so that others see 0 comments.

    1. WWJ Newsroom says:

      Sorry, Ray. I (the webmaster) was on vacation. The newsroom folks had enough trouble keeping our website updated while I was gone — they just left the comments in the queue until my return. Your comment has been approved.

  6. jim says:

    I don’t think it’s necessary to have private citizens openly carrying around hand guns at this or any public event. I don’t think they are trained well enough to protect, that’s what we have law enforcement for. What if someone were to bump into them and take there firearm from it’s holster. Furthermore, I feel if the commission does approve to openly carry, that the sponsors had better reconsider otherwise that would show their endorsement of the same.
    We’re not a bunch of vigilantes in today’s society that require people to openly carry guns, the greater majority of us are very civilized !

    1. Ray says:

      Jim – You have a couple of inconsistencies there. First off, bumping an open carry gun does not take it from the holster. That requires the bumper to try and actively take the gun. Second – most of the open (and concealed) carry people spends lots of time at the range for proficiency. Some of the ranges I have attended have stated that the carry people are more accurate than the police. Lastly, the police can’t be every where when needed so the citizens have to have the ability to defend themselves and their families. I have been to festivals where I have never seen any armed security for the entire time I was there. Where was my police protection there?

  7. Mark Zucker says:

    Iwas planning on volunteering for the festival. If guns are allowed to be displayed or sold I will not take part.

  8. Bob Thomas says:

    As a resident of S.E. Michigan I am appalled, and as an educator I am completely disheartened by the decision of the City of Royal Oak to allow persons other than trained law enforcement to openly carry guns at Arts Beats and Eats. I have always viewed AB&E as the capstone event of summer. No matter where I vacationed I made it a point to be home for this event. However, with the decision of the Royal Oak municipal government and event organizers to pander to the bullies who want to wrap themselves in the first amendment and ignore all aspects of sound judgment and civic responsibility I will no longer patronize the event. It is very sad when a once highly regarded venue for culture, entertainment, and leisure activities digresses to become a so-called “legal refuge’ for base and unsophisticated minions who desire a period in history where might equaled right, and the biggest gun received the most respect.
    I live my life educating students on how to make good decisions, and to be considerate of those with less power and influence that they might advocate on their behalf. I have taught them to believe in democracy, and its core values and to expect elected officials to stand on the vanguard of justice for the protection of all citizens.
    I can honestly say the City of Royal Oak has breached its duty to do what is right on behalf of all law abiding citizens who looked forward to an AB&E event free from the potential for disaster and intimidation by those who would choose to brandish loaded firearms while having access to liquor and in the presence of children. I can honestly say I will not attend this event, which I have loves and participated in since its inception, as long as it is hosted by the City of Royal Oak under the present circumstances.

  9. Nancy Gomulinski says:

    I would not attend the festival this year with the ban lifted on allowing people to carry handguns. What ever happened to the majority of citizens having the right to feel safe at a public event? If those gun toting individuals need to feel safe, maybe they should stay home or spend the day at a gun range.

  10. nocarry says:

    Most of the commentary on this issue has overlooked the fact that until 1991, open carry was illegal under city ordinances, and after 1991 open carry was made illegal statewide when the crime of brandishing a firearm in public was added to the Penal Code. MCL 750.234e. Look it up! Unless you are in law enforcement, target shooting, hunting, or selling a gun, it is illegal for it to be brandished in public.

  11. nocarry says:

    Brandishing a firearm in public is a misdemeanor crime unless you are in law enforcement, or are target shooting, hunting, or buying or selling a gun. MCL 750.234e. The gun fanatics have fooled a lot of people by repeating their mantra that “open carry is legal,” “open carry is legal,” open carry is legal. Not true! At the very least, it is very much an open question, with no published court decisions on the meaning of brandishing.

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