heat wave Michigan Closing In On Hottest Summer EverDetroit is heading toward it’s hottest summer in recorded history.

“We’ve had a lot of consistently warm days of mid to upper 80’s through the months of June, July and August. So we’ve had long lasting sustained heat,” said Bill Deedler of the National Weather Service in White Lake.

Deedler says the average number of 90 degree days in the summer months is 12, and that’s the total so far this year.

The number pales in comparison to 2005, when more than 30 were recorded. The meteorologist says when you take into account all of southeast Michigan, the season will wind up in the top 5 summers in terms of heat.

“Keep in mind the normals do drop off in the next couple of weeks, so it’s possible the average could shift back a little,”
Deedler said.

Along with the heat, Deedler says areas south of I-94 are seeing one of the wettest summers in years.

He’s predicting a warmer and dryer fall season this year.

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  1. sean gray says:

    wow here in south carolina we had only 17 days below 90 and the lowest temp of thoses where 87 which felt like the mid 100s so dont feel to bad about the heat.

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