817brendawarner Karsch And Anderson Who Does Brenda Warner Want To Play The Role Kurt Warner In His Movie?

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Doug and Gator take hilarious caller guesses!

  1. Dick Gassen says:

    I’m reminded of what the Russian novelist Fyodor Dostoyevsky once said: “Now that God is dead, all things are possible.” So I’m not horribly surprised to hear that Brenda Warner wants Danzel Washington to play her husband’s role in the now-retired quarterback’s planned bio-movie. Would I be branded a racist if I say this is more than just a bit odd? I love Danzel Washington — he’s near the very top of my list of favorite actors. But playing Kurt Warner? I don’t think Brenda’s elevator goes all the way to the top on this one, unless she’s sincerely shooting to play the leading lady opposite Danzel. Yes, I do understand she wants to play herself in the movie. It’ll be interesting to see what the movie producers will do — that is, if the movie gets produced.

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