Open Weapons Allowed At Festival

arts beats and eats logo 2010 Open Weapons Allowed At FestivalGuns will be allowed to be worn out in the open at the upcoming Arts, Beats & Eats festival.

Following more than three hours of debate Monday night, the Royal Oak City Commission voted to overturn a ban on carrying guns at the Labor Day weekend festival.

After City Attorney Dave Gillam counseled commissioners that proponents of so-called ‘open carry’ gun rights had the law on their side, commissioners voted 4-3 to lift the ban.

As for how the public will react to the news, Arts Beats & Eats promoter Jonathan Witz says he hopes people who disagree with the decision will still attend the event, so charities that receive proceeds will still benefit.

Witz also says he doubts the decision will lead to more people carrying guns at the event.

After a 12-year run in the city of Pontiac, this year marks the debut of the Arts, Beats and Eats festival in Royal Oak.

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  • Gloria

    I feel that this controversial issue “open carry”, has warranted undue press and it has given bullies a green light to either run over and disrespect others or if a coward to hopefully ward off bullies.

    My goodness, we all know that there are guns all around us. What is the significance of carry them out in the open (except for my aforementioned reason)? We seem to be going backward as a society. I am happy the Wild, Wild, West is history. Are we bringing it back?

    If those who voted were concerned about the charities getting their money, the last thing you would want to vote for is “open gun” carrying. A lot of people who would otherwise attend the festival will not attend this family event. Maybe that’s the reason they fought so hard to lift the ban, to squelch this family event in Royal Oak.

    Hopefully, “open carry” gun rights proponents will make up monetarily for those individuals and families who refuse to attend the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival due to the overturning of this ban.

    I applaud the 3 members who voted for the ban.

  • Donald Bajorek

    What gall. To think they had the right to change State Law.

  • Jim

    That will make the real criminals stop and think about anyone they may pick out for a victim.

  • Dave Clamage

    Won’t be going because of the guns. My nephew wanted to buy a toy gun to wear. We will do something else that week-end. They have to change the law…

  • Kitt

    Our family was going to the festival, but now with guns I would not even think of bringing my children to such an event. Another things spoiled by special interest groups and politicians with no backbones.

  • Dan

    I would like to know why did the festival ended it’s run in Pontiac – too many shoot-outs? And also how the heck are they going to cram in all the art and beats stuff in downtown Royal Oak. For the gun stuff….. how did that ever even start. Was it alllowed in Pontiac? Anyway, it will be an interesting sight to see and take photos of people walking around with there sidearms – Talk about the wild west :-)

  • Grove Sandrock

    I will not be attending this event. If people feel weapons are needed, I guess I need not attend.

    • chana

      ah, were going to miss you, but you know what that means, more fun and food for us! have a nice quite weekend .

  • Michael Byrne

    When someone asserts their “rights” it should not be at the expense of the majority. This is a small radical group who for
    some reason feels they have the right to abolish my right to
    life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in my own community.

    In my opinion these selfish gun toting proponents, have the same personality as a rapist, they do this to dominate their
    misguided thinking, to dominate the community. No other
    reason, they know they cannot draw their weapons, even to
    defend themselves, in a public forum. That is why we have
    a Royal Oak Police Department.

  • Donald Bajorek

    I have a CCW but will not be carrying because I want to have a couple of beer,s.while enjoying the festival.You don,t have to worry about licensed law abiding citizen,s. drinking and carrying.We follow the law.

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