police gun crime scene tape Violent Crime ForumThe U-S Attorney’s office is reaching out to Detroit neighborhoods and holding a town hall meeting tonight to talk about reducing violent crime.

U-S Attorney Barbara McQuade knows poor community relations can lead to a distrust of police. “You can’t just show up in a neighborhood and be an occupying army and expect the community to support what you’re doing. We need to tell the community what we’re doing in terms of law enforcement and we need their help,” McQuade told WWJ Newsradio 950.

City, county and federal representatives will attend the forum at 6:30 tonight at Fellowship Chapel on West Outer Drive.

The meeting is part of the Comprehensive Violence Reduction Partnership’s community outreach program. The group brings together resources to lower the incidence of violent crime.

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  1. Bob says:

    I was jumped at a Gas station in Detroit, beaten by 2 dark skinned males who then took my van along with my Lap top PC. The police took 45 minutes to respond to the seen and did not even talk to the Gas station attendant who saw everything on the security monitor. Then the police only filed a report that stated my van was stolen. Nothing about being assaulted was in the police report. My advice is to stay out of Detroit and if you live there, move out.

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