weed medical Mich. Bill Would Ban Medical Marijuana ClubsLegislation headed for the Michigan House seeks to ban marijuana clubs that have opened since voters approved use of the drug for medical purposes in 2008.

Republican Rep. Rick Jones of Grand Ledge says Thursday he is introducing legislation to ban the clubs because marijuana users shouldn’t be encouraged to drive. Jones says it’s a safety risk, and people authorized to use marijuana should do so at home.

Marijuana club owners say there’s nothing prohibiting them from operating, and they provide an important service. There are pending court cases involving some club owners that could set precedents for how they’re allowed to operate.

The House bill would punish violators with up to 90 days in jail.
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  1. Susan says:

    Why does everyone ASSUME that there will be smoking or dispensing in the clubs? Let me tell you why, lack of education, thus the need for the clubs. I doubt there will be any classes in school or college educating people. Where should peo…ple get the knowledge? The streets like before? Nope!!! We here in Allendale, Michigan voted 64% for legalization. That does not include the 25,000 students at Grand Valley State University. Our (the community) club will be handicap accessible, have soft chairs for the meetings to accomodate the sick, ill and dieing. We are working on having a massage therapist come in, cancer education classes, meditation classes and much, much more!!! Condemning the clubs is like condemning hospice.

    1. Tyefox says:

      Don’t you have a constitutional right to assemble?

  2. Marty says:

    More government involement, just what the public needs. Leave the clubs alone and focus on creating more jobs in Michigan and paying down the tremendous federal deficit. Bars are far more dangerous to the public than marijuana clubs. First close all establishments serving alcohol before you even begin to think of closing one of these clubs. Had my parents smoked pot instead of drinking, there may have been less violence and abuse in our home.

  3. Kwame says:

    We need money in taxes. Some clubs may allow for purchase without any on-site smoking. Those that do allow for smoking should be accountable just like bars that let drunks leave intoxicated. Rick Jones before you stop this revenue stream you must find something that will generate the absent revenue.

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